Fine Art. Fine Design.

My first experience of fine art was leafing through the family Bible. I remember it being huge with giant pages, but it is actually quite small. I was astonished at the Medieval and Renaissance paintings, and wondered, like all artists do, how they were done. Mom explained the flesh in the paintings by saying, “There is nothing more beautiful than a human being,” which is my credo. I am now a figurative artist working in sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, and graphic design.

I have been interested in Systems of Representation since my first life in a design career, working with signs and symbols for corporate design clients, and today, fine art Systems of Representation of women in oil painting and figurative sculpture.

Ideas I explore are formal and include systems of representation, symbology, signification, syncretism, iconoclasm, language, identity, racism, gender, patriarchy, genocide, suicide, agency, feminism, beauty, the landscape, and flowers.

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